Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So many changes in a year!

There are many things to look back upon over a years time.  The love I have for glass and the desire I have to keep persuing my new career has taken me much further than I ever expected over the past year.  BeadUnique has changed and I have learned so much from each experience I've had along my way.

It has taken me time and many trials to see how I really want to present my glass sculptured art and beads.  Just as important is how I want my business to be and what direction to follow.  This has been tough for me and I've learned lessons along the way that I'm thankful for. Over the past few months things have been great and things have fallen right into place on this glass journey of mine.

I haven't been the best blogger or business women lately, but I now see the light. I can stop and breathe for a moment to organize my thoughts, my schedule and make the big plans for this business of mine.  It's all a work in progress, but I am determined and so excited!  Upcoming events, announcements, etsy update, and new items will be posted very soon. This love of creating in glass is much more than a hobby for me and I truly appreciate those that admire, appreciate, and support me in this dream!