Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A New Year Equals a Fresh Start

Reflecting on 2011
I am proud of what BeadUnique has become.  To keep it short and simple- It was busy, full of opportunities, full of leasons learned and knowledge gained.  It brought me and the family great friends and life lessons for so many different reasons and on so many different levels. 
I look at my work and compare...what do you think?


I am still growing and look forward to what 2012 year brings me.

Currently BeadUnique is in a transitional phase.  Regrouping and deciding what is best for me as an artist and also what is best for the family.  I do know I will continue with the relationship I have with Heritage Farm and look forward to my events there.  I also know my focus is more on making beads and none of the other business details I worried about in 2011.

My beads will soon be at Travis and Hair Associates on 4th Ave. in Huntington and more locations to be announced very shortly.