Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hot Glass Weekend at Heritage Farm

I am very thankful for the opportunity to demonstrate my glass bead making and show my work to the public out at Heritage Farm.  I love the farm and have visited many times over the past years and watched the artisans at work.  Never did I think that I would get the chance to be a part of such a great event.  I met so many wonderful people and truly felt at home right from the start.  To put it simply, they treated us like family. 

This was my first big demonstration and I was able to capture the full attention of groups of 4th graders that took a field trip out to the farm.  I think the pictures tell just how interested they were and they had tons of great questions for me to answer.  I love being able to share this art form with others, especially children!
Saturday was open to the public and we had visitors in and out all day.  Chris was at my table selling the beads, so that I could sit and torch all day.  The kids.... I  worry about during my shows, but today was so different.  Sometimes I never know what they get into, but after today they both told me so many things they had learned and experienced. Kylie was able to run about and learn about how life on the farm was many years ago. Carter had the chance to help run all the model trains and talk about energy and peacocks.  Both kids had such a good time, and already Kylie is asking when are we going back.

My personal highlights for the weekend include...seeing some of my return customers that I appreciate so very much.  My college friend Noel stopped by to see me on her visit home (haven't seen her since 1998-wow I'm getting old).  Getting an awesome order from FarmGirl Jill that I cant wait to start working on.  Realising how lucky I am to have such a supportive husband that sells the beads better than I do (I think I might  have to hire him)!Finally listening to both my children talk about what a great day they had.  I'm loving the farm life and hope I can be a part of it for years to come.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Shopping at Made in Appalachia

Friday I was able to take a closer look around the shop and admire our artisans work. Things are looking great and it is becoming a one stop shop for gifts of all kinds.  By the end of my browsing/photography session, I had my Christmas gift list almost complete, not to mention my wish list. This year I am shopping local and supporting other artisans, with the hopes of getting some bartering going on  (I will post more on this at a later time).  The shop has undergone a huge change and I love our co-op with CommonGround. I hope you enjoy the pictures and check back often for more of the artisan work available at shop #7, 8 and 9 located at Heritage Station.


 It feels so cozy and welcoming!
 I love sitting down and chatting with all the great customers and friends that stop in to visit. I can't think of any other place in our area like this and I love it!


So, by the time I made it to CommonGround I was feeling pretty inspired!  I always find something that catches my eye, today a little humor is what I found!

This is me, for sure!
You  know its been a crazy day when you need this!  I think it's for flowers, but how great it would be to have your own "Big Carl" !  I could see it now! 

Isn't he too cute?

Thanks for looking!  Hope you enjoyed the view of our shop! 
Stop by and visit Tues-Sat 10-6pm.

Till the next time, Kari

Monday, October 17, 2011

Made In Appalachia

March 2011, I joined a non-profit organization that benefits and promotes Appalachian artists and the wonderful artwork produced in our region.  It has provided me opportunities and connections that I am very thankful for and I truly believe in the purpose of the group.  However, as with any new organization, there will be trial and error periods and bumps along the way.  Just in such a short amount of time I have watched our little store in Heritage Station grow and expand, met many new artists that have joined the group and have had the opportunity to help create something I am proud of being a part of. 

The bumps along the way have not ended. It is a work in progress. Without those bumps, life would just be too boring! In order to have something great, try and try again. The store in Heritage Station located in Huntington has expanded to form a co-op with one of my favorite shops, Common Ground.                  

With the idea of a co-op between our stores this gave us the safety net of always having our Made in Appalachia Store open during regular station hours and we gained two wonderful members that have great style and ideas that will only improve our organization.  Just look at what Laurie, from CommonGround  picked up for me!  I can't wait to fix up the wonderful antique art box and copy tray for my bead display.  Love, Love, Love it!  Not to mention the green glass owl candle holder/vase that I had wanted since it was perched on the shelf (there are still a couple left).  Another perk of the store-bartering.  I feel like I made out the best on this trade :) All this for one of my Halloween bracelets, it was my lucky day!
Many artists/crafters join the organization for different reasons. Please check out their website for more information to see if it is something you would like to be a part of.  For me, it is a place to showcase my glass art jewelry, to meet others that I can network with, and to be a part of the kids division, called AppaKids.  I've had ups and downs myself along my glass journey but the benefits of this organization have well surpassed my expectations.  I may not own the store at the station, but the feeling it is "ours" to turn into something wonderful and what we want it to be makes it all worth the time and effort.

We are currently planning our first ever Fall-O-Ween arts and craft festival that will be fun for the entire family. It will be a great time to check out what Made in Appalachia is all about and visit the great stores that are at Heritage Station. I hope to see everyone come out for this wonderful event on October 29th from 12-8pm. We really are up to something great!  If you cant make it for the event, the stores are open 10am-6pm Tuesday-Satuday.  Great place to find cool, interesting, one of a kind gifts.!/photo.phpfbid=1961393283742&set=o.202713109801471&type=1&theateropping

Thanks for stopping by and reading!  A big thanks to my wondeful friends and customers that support me and my handmade glass art jewelry.  ~Kari~

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So many changes in a year!

There are many things to look back upon over a years time.  The love I have for glass and the desire I have to keep persuing my new career has taken me much further than I ever expected over the past year.  BeadUnique has changed and I have learned so much from each experience I've had along my way.

It has taken me time and many trials to see how I really want to present my glass sculptured art and beads.  Just as important is how I want my business to be and what direction to follow.  This has been tough for me and I've learned lessons along the way that I'm thankful for. Over the past few months things have been great and things have fallen right into place on this glass journey of mine.

I haven't been the best blogger or business women lately, but I now see the light. I can stop and breathe for a moment to organize my thoughts, my schedule and make the big plans for this business of mine.  It's all a work in progress, but I am determined and so excited!  Upcoming events, announcements, etsy update, and new items will be posted very soon. This love of creating in glass is much more than a hobby for me and I truly appreciate those that admire, appreciate, and support me in this dream! 

Monday, April 18, 2011


After the busy holiday season and time to recoup, I am back!  Over the past few months I've been concentrating more on improving my art form and less on selling.  Trying to find the perfect organization and home for my work has been a top priority for me as well.  My timing couldn't be any more perfect than to find a new art organization joining our Huntington community, MiAppa, that will open April 29th in Heritage Station.
I became a member of MiAppa and am so excited to be part of this wonderful organization!  MiAppa is a nonprofit organization that focuses on helping Appalachian artisans promote and improve their skills.  MiAppa began in Portsmouth, OH and have big plans for the future.  They plan on opening up at least 6 more locations within the year!  Being involved with an organization that provides me great opportunities and helps me to grow as an artist is a fantastic opportunity that I couldn't pass by.

Friday, April 29th MiAppa will have the grand opening from 10-6pm.  The art center is located in Heritage Station in the boutiques located behind the visitors bureau.  My art and jewelry can be found there every day after opening.  Regular hours are 10-6pm Mon thru Sat.  I will announce more about the opening and my regular hours when I will be at the boutique within the next few days.  I hope you will come check out MiAppa and all the great changes that are happening at Heritage Station!