Monday, October 24, 2011

Shopping at Made in Appalachia

Friday I was able to take a closer look around the shop and admire our artisans work. Things are looking great and it is becoming a one stop shop for gifts of all kinds.  By the end of my browsing/photography session, I had my Christmas gift list almost complete, not to mention my wish list. This year I am shopping local and supporting other artisans, with the hopes of getting some bartering going on  (I will post more on this at a later time).  The shop has undergone a huge change and I love our co-op with CommonGround. I hope you enjoy the pictures and check back often for more of the artisan work available at shop #7, 8 and 9 located at Heritage Station.


 It feels so cozy and welcoming!
 I love sitting down and chatting with all the great customers and friends that stop in to visit. I can't think of any other place in our area like this and I love it!


So, by the time I made it to CommonGround I was feeling pretty inspired!  I always find something that catches my eye, today a little humor is what I found!

This is me, for sure!
You  know its been a crazy day when you need this!  I think it's for flowers, but how great it would be to have your own "Big Carl" !  I could see it now! 

Isn't he too cute?

Thanks for looking!  Hope you enjoyed the view of our shop! 
Stop by and visit Tues-Sat 10-6pm.

Till the next time, Kari

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