Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mix and match beads

I have heard customers say I don't know what to do with your beads or how to wear them. I'm on a mission to fix this! My main jewelry componet and final way I want my line to look is a slow work in progress. I have been listening to those that buy and wear my jewlery and trying to find a happy medium between creating beautiful jewelry that is affordable and versatile. My goal is to create a system where you can interchange your beads from bracelet, necklace, earrings and rings that is unique from the rest of the jewelry lines. After a few test runs and remakes I hope to launch this by the end of the summer. Till then I will sell my handcrafted lampwork beads seperately or by sets. I do have bracelets and necklaces that are interchangable with the popular charm bracelet lines. They are affordable, durable and pretty. I have traded in my Troll bracelet for my own chain and I love the way it feels and lays on my wrist.

Mix and match lesson #1: My opinion...your bracelet does NOT have to totally match your clothes! Most of us prefer one color. Look in your closet, what color do you see most of? For me its blues, greens and browns. I start with a favorite bead in the middle and then work off of it. As long as the one next to it has a little of the main color go for it.

Any suggestions for the final take on Newman Designs would be wonderful! We want to have a line that makes people happy! My glass beads will always be the main componet of our jewelry, but so much more to come in the future. Patience is the word I must learn during this process. Thanks for visiting my blog and checking out my creations! ~Kari~

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