Sunday, March 7, 2010

Getting caught up

I have finally made my way back here! Life has been so busy and I have found myself just wishing for more hours in the day. There is so much to do when trying to get things ready to launch a business. With that said, I have finally gotten an etsy account set up and added my cute little birds to sell. I love making them and cant wait to do more in bright cheery colors.
I have more items to add. Anything you see here (or a close twin of it) will eventually make it to my etsy shop. All of my beads are now annealed in my very own kiln! It was like my birthday when the ups man finally arrived. Another addition is my soon to be new studio, as I type it already has 2 full walls finished. I love my handy hubby! When I can move into the studio, I have a bigger and better torch waiting for me. I cant wait!!!!
So much going on here. Hope you visit again soon.

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twojunkchix said...

I love your birds!!!