Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bright, Funky Glass Beads

I had so much fun making this batch of beads over the weekend. I decided to take a day at the torch and make some fun beads in my favorite colors. I was on such a hot streak when my power went out for the evening, bummer!

The next few days are torch days for me, any special requests from locals will be ready for Mother's Day. I feel like I can't even talk about what I've created for this special day, because then my mom wouldn't be suprised! Drop me an email or give me a call if you are curious.

I'm taking full advantage of the last few weeks of school before the house is filled with little people again all day, every day. This should be interesting...trying to figure out how and when to work while keeping the kids happy this summer. A juggling act for sure.

Hope you like my new beads. If the time ever allows I will be putting these on etsy, if they don't sell first. Ooh, I forgot my big news, my beads will be available at the Red Caboose Artisan Center (heritage village) next week.

Thanks for looking! ~Kari


twojunkchix said...

You have been really busy I see. I really like the red one with orange dots. happy mother's day :)

Denise said...

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Grace Bentley-Leek said...

Looks like the ones they sell in padstow Cornwall